Hi My Name is John Carson i am 54 years old and i am based in the North East of England.
I am passionate about capturing my favourite landscape in the North East & surrounding areas.
As you will probably notice from searching through my Gallery i tend to prefer Sunrises & sunsets along with the odd after dark shot, so its basically seascape landscape i go for.
I have lived in the North East of England all my life and have been interested in photography since i was 15, when i had my first camera which was a Chinon. in those days it was 35mm film, no sd cards or computers to upload the images to, they had to be developed. Now its a different ball game, its all gone digital.
So whats in my bag you might ask, well i now have a Canon 6D, along with a Canon 17-40mm wide angle lens, a 24-105mm canon lens, Manfroto tripod, Lee 100mm filters that includes NG & ND filters, and they all fit into my Tamrac back pack.
Please feel free to contact me if you cannot find the size you require and i will get back to you within 48 hours.
Once again
Thank you for checking out my website and viewing my images i hope you have enjoyed looking through them and viewed something you like.
John Carson